Baltic Photonics Cluster - BPC

University of Tartu Institute of Physics (IPUT), Estonia

The facilities are used for materials preparations (ALD, PLD, CVD, sol-gel and solid state chemistry) and processing (SEM-FIB) and structural, surface and spectroscopic characterisation (XRD, RHEED, XRF, XPS, UPS, optical, laser (incl. fs time range), luminescence and micro-Raman spectroscopy, ellipsometry, AFM, SPM, SEM, EPR).

For photonics cluster the following topics are of interest:

·   Development of new optical, sensor and light emitting materials in form of thin films, fibers, ceramics and crystals;

·   Investigation and characterisation of sensor/photonics/plasmonics materials using above mentioned methods;

·   Single molecule spectroscopy and its applications;

·   Spectroscopic diagnostics based on LIBS;

·   Protective thin dielectric coatings.

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